Ebook: Born To Win - Breed To Succeed, 2nd Edition

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Patricia Craige Trotter
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Fancy Publications
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NEW 2ND EDITION! - This is a book about the philosophy and learned experiences of one breeder-exhibitor sharing some practical ideas based on a lifetime in dogs. For the breeder, just breeding a good animal is not enough. The puppy must be nourished properly long before the dam is bred, the litter born into the absolute ultimate environment and the puppies raised, trained and conditioned like Olympic athletes! Then, if all goes well, someday the very special athlete will achieve that longed-for success! Contents: Winning Takes a Plan (genetics, breeding programs, etc.), Winning Means Putting Your Plan into Action (selecting breeding stock, putting together a pedigree), Winning Means Hard Work (kennel facilities, picking and raising puppies, conditioning, time management, record, etc.) Winning Means Having Fun (the dog show, handling, sportsmanship, Westminster KC, etc.) Winning Means Special People (mentors, families), Winning Means Factoring in the Future (changes in the breed, grading, tomorrow's breeders.)