EBOOK: Do As I Do 2nd Edition: Using Social Learning to Train Dogs

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Claudia Fugazza and Fumi higaki
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Dogwise Publishing
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Train dog based on social learning ? Yes!
Recent research suggests that dogs can engage in social learning which includes the ability to observe the actions of other dogs and imitate them to learn new behaviors. The big news for dog trainers is that author Claudia Fugazza and her colleagues in Europe have discovered that dogs can also imitate people. This natural skill can be used to teach dogs new behaviors using the Do As I Do protocol presented in this book-video combination. The Do As I Do method is particularly useful in working with service dogs and canine athletes who must masters skills such as ringing a bell, jumping over a hurdle, spinning and dozens more.

Learn about:
The fascinating research which shows that dogs can observe, then imitate human behavior and remember it over time.
How you can start with a known behavior, then teach the dog to perform the behavior after observing you demonstrate it, followed by the new cue Do it! Eventually the dog learns that Do it! means to do whatever has just been demonstrated by the trainer.
How this method can build a closer bond between you and your dog, bring new energy and joy to your training efforts and challenge your thinking about how dogs learn.

Since the first edition of this book was published, scientific advances have moved rapidly and there have been many new discoveries on a dog's social learning skills and the most relevant ones are now included in the new edition. These provides insights into a dogs' mind, and are written by a scientist studying dog cognition, in a language intelligible for the public.

A modification to the Do As I Do protocol reflects the significance of the Foundation Phase, which, while often the most time-consuming, is crucial for success in all following phases.
The Second Edition contains self-assessment tests, which ensure both the owner and the dog are ready before moving on to the next phase of training. This edition also includes troubleshooting examples, which provide practical solutions to common challenges that may arise during training.
What experts are saying about Do As I Do
Fugazza brings an exciting blend of science, experience and innovation to this training program. Do As I Do is great for trainers, great for dogs and great for their relationship.
Karen B. London, co-author of Play Together Stay Together

A clearly written protocol for teaching dogs how to imitate their trainer as a new technique to add to the trainer's tool box. As someone who has studied dog imitation myself, I am pleased to see this available outside scientific circles.
Ken Ramirez, author of Animal Training: Successful Animal Management

It is rare that a groundbreaking new training concept is presented to the dog-training and dog-owning world. Claudia Fugazza not only brings this fascinating training method to the dog world, she does it in a charming and captivating style that simply begs readers to start teaching their dogs to imitate.It's the next thing in dog training you don't want to miss it. I predict the Do As I Do method will catch on like wildfire; here at Peaceable Paws we are already incorporating it into our classes, workshops, seminars and academies, and having fantastic fun with it!
Pat Miller, author of Do Over Dogs and How To Foster Dogs

This pioneering book provides trainers with the information they need to try this new method for themselves. This will generate a lot of fun for the participants and further data to expand our understanding of this intriguing concept.
Kathy Sdao, author of Plenty in Life is Free: Reflections on Dogs, Training and Finding Grace

An important and fun read for anyone interested in dog learning and training. Social learning is for the dogs!
Julie Hecht, MSc Canine Behavioral Researcher, Horowitz Dog Cognition Lab at Barnard College, NYC

Do As I Do: Using Social Learning to Train Dogs includes a video and is recommended for any who would train dogs using social learning' processes. European trainers have found that dogs can imitate people: using this information, dogs can be taught new behaviors using the Do as I Do' principle. From beginning with a known behavior and teaching a dog to observe and perform it to creating a closer bond between trainer and animal, this pairs color photo examples with fine surveys of dog behavior patterns and how they can work to a trainer's benefit, making for a top book for animal trainers. James A. Cox, Editor in Chief

Claudia Fugazza lives in Italy and is completing her PhD research in the field of social learning in dogs at Eotovos Lorand University in Budapest, Hungary.
Fumi Higaki has studied organizational behavior and more recently pursued a PH.D. in ethology at ELTE University in Budapest. She joined Claudia Fugazza's research team in 2023 

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