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Claudia Fugazza
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Dogwise Publishing
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Recent research suggests that dogs can engage in social learning which includes the ability to observe the actions of other dogs and imitate them to learn new behaviors. The big news for dog trainers is that author Claudia Fugazza and her colleagues in Europe have discovered that dogs can also imitate people. This video is a companion to the eBook Do As I Do and introduces the concept of social learning as well as visually demonstrates the steps involved in training this new technique. To get the full benefits of learning the Do as I Do protocol we also recommend the eBook which explains the research and basis for social learning and describes step-by-step how to teach and use the method. The eBook also helps you problem solve unwanted behaviors or scenarios that may arise during your training. 

Video has four sections: 
Introduction to social learning 

Demonstration of Do As I Do Protocol: 
• Preliminary training 
• Learning imitation 
• Generalization 
• Teaching a new behavior 
• Imitation variationss 
• Behavior chains 

Dogs learning Dog As I Do in a classroom: 
• Preliminary training 
• Learning the imitation rule 
• Generalization imitation rule 
• Teaching a new behaviors 

Top Tips: 
• Put the behaviors under verbal cue! 
• What makes a good demonstration 
• What to d if the dog starts moving before the cue