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Ray Coppinger
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8 Hours 56 Minutes
Raymond Coppinger
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This seminar by the Professor Ray Coppinger was held at The Medieval Hall in Salisbury England and is an amazing, eye opening and highly entertaining discourse on the domestication, behavior and nature of the dog. 

Professor Ray Coppinger was Professor of Biology at the School of Cognitive Science at Hampshire College in Massachusetts, USA until 2006. Ray Coppinger studied and worked with dogs for decades all over the world and brings to light fascinating details about dog behavior. In this seminar Ray explores the domestication of the dog from the wolf, the biology and evolution of village dogs, the fascinating story of the development of modern breeds of dog, the development of motor patterns in the puppy, as well as the mechanics, selection and training of working dog types such as assistance dogs. 

1. The Origin of Dog Behavior 
2. How It All Began: Wolves Become Dogs 
3. Village Dogs 
4. Livestock Guarding Dogs 
5. Transhumance Migration 
6. Behavioral Genetics 
7. Behavioral Conformation 
8. Pet Dogs 
9. Service Dogs