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Edward Gilbert, Jr & Patricia Gilbert
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Interpreting the language of dog fanciers and Breed Standards
Have you ever been stumped trying to understand what a judge, breeder or dog fancier is saying about a dog? Or been utterly confused when reading a Breed Standard? What is meant by butterfly nose, fish hook front or crabbing? Encyclopedia of K-9 Terminology to the rescue! Veteran AKC judges and breeders Ed Gilbert and his wife Pat Gilbert have pulled together every conceivable term applied to dogs to aid experts and amateurs alike to help all understand and correctly use the language of the sport. Ten years in the writing and richly illustrated with drawings by artist and purebred dog breeder, Dan Sayers, the Encyclopedia of K-9 Terminology is an exhaustive reference tool for dog fanciers for generations to come. And weighing in at 4 pounds with over 800 pages you will have a lot of information at your fingertips!

You will learn
That the language and terminology of Breed Standards vary almost as much as the breeds they are describing. Thus the confusion over words like wrist, carpals and front pasterns.
Why some terms may be viewed as positive for some dogs but negative for others based on the original purpose of the breed.
About the large number of slang words and nicknames that you might be more apt to hear around the show ring than read in a book.
Many commonly used terms and phrases that are not technically or grammatically accurate, but if the words appear in an official Breed Standard, they are correct.

Praise for Encyclopedia of K-9 Terminology from experts
One of the most inspiring and joyous aspects of the sport of purebred dogs is the community that has evolved among its participants. Over the years, the sheer diversity of our breeds has had the power to create an incredibly varied culture that we know simply and lovingly as the Fancy. While dog people truly come from all walks of life, we are all united through our passion for dogs and our commitment to the human-canine bond. Ours is undeniably a culture, with a rich history and even a vocabulary unto itself. The breadth and scope of terms captured, defined and illustrated so expertly here in the Encyclopedia of K-9 Terminology proves that point. If ever there were a language of the dog fancy, Ed and Pat Gilbert are fluent in it. This book is a triumph in its detail and accuracy. In elucidating the meaning of so many terms and extracting greater understanding from the standards, the Gilberts' work will enhance the experience of everyone from the seasoned fancier to the newcomer to the sport.
Dennis B. Sprung is the President and CEO of the American Kennel Club, Inc., the nation's foremost not-for-profit dog registry and sports-governing body. During his twenty-three year tenure at the American Kennel Club, Mr. Sprung has led the organization in numerous initiatives including philanthropy, affinity brand-building and licensing.

...As students of all things dog for the better part of our lives, we often find that miscommunication results from a lack of understanding and agreement regarding the definitions for various descriptive words or terms relating to canine appearance and structure. In the veterinary, breeder, exhibitor and judging communities, accurate communication is vital in the decision making process for diagnosis, assessment of breeding stock and correct interpretations of breed standards in the conformation ring. Without complete knowledge of the terminology, it is as though we are speaking different languages.... We are now very fortunate to have a true compendium to expand and complete our knowledge of canine terminology. With 750 plus pages of definitions and excellent illustrations we are confident that the Encyclopedia of K-9 Terminology will take it's place as one of the essentials in every library devoted to the understanding of the form and function of the dog.
Our thanks to Ed and Pat Gilbert for completing this monumental task and as we have often heard Ed say think, learn and be challenged.
John A. Hamil, DVM is the Past President, California Veterinary Medical Association, an AKC Judge, Director of American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation and co-author of Hands On Dog Care. Susan LaCroix Hamil, RVT is a Director of the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation, a Director of the Orthopedic Foundation, Hound Group Breeder of the Year 2006

Ed and Patricia Gilbert have a keen power of observation and understanding of dog anatomy, structure and movement as well as coat colors, markings and behavior. The Encyclopedia of K-9 Terminology takes on the complicated topic and explains it in terms that everyone can understand. The careful use of drawings and illustrations coupled with descriptive examples and information provides a good understanding of canine architecture. This is not just a reference guide, but the authoritative source for all terms used to describe any aspect of the dog.
Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia, author of Breeding Better Dogs and Breeding Dogs to Win. AKC Director, researcher and lecturer

Ed and Pat Gilbert share a lifetime of accumulated dog knowledge in Encyclopedia of K-9 Terminology. The Gilberts bring their experiences as judges and breeders to the reader, utilizing fabulous illustrations to augment the written word. This is a must-own reference book for the serious dog fancier!
Patricia Craige Trotter, author of Born to Win, Breed to Succeed, AKC Judge, AKC Lifetime Achievement Award (Conformation), AKC Hound Group Breeder of the Year

The canine world is continuously expanding both in breeders and exhibitors and their quest for knowledge. All too often the material presented is in fragments and difficult to access both in location and clarity of language. The Gilberts' encyclopedia has effectively met these challenges and provides a ready access for the student. The fact that it is written by dog people who have both knowledge and experience makes it a valuable resource for the aficionado be they a handler, breeder or judge.
James G. Reynolds, CKC All-Breed Judge, permitted AKC All-Breed Judge, judges internationally

Ed and Pat Gilbert are multiple breed and group judges, lecturers, and writers. Ed's technical background and Pat's all-breed professional handling make them well-suited to the task of explaining canine structure and terminology. They share their life with a Saluki. Illustrator Dan Sayers is an artist, breeder of purebred dogs and regular contributor to canine publications.

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  • 5
    Encyclopedia of K-9 terminology

    Posted by Nikola Redtenbacher on 24th Aug 2020

    Probably the best reference book I have ever bought!!! Use it daily and there is not something I cannot find!! Fantastic book

  • 5
    Encyclopedia of k-9 Terminology

    Posted by Callie Miller on 5th May 2020

    Great book. A must for any canine owner!