Ebook: K9 Structure and Terminology

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Edward Gilbert, Jr. & Thelma Brown
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Structure: the foundation for health and function
What sets apart the average dog enthusiast from the expert? Often it s an in-depth knowledge of the anatomy of the dog and a solid understanding of terminology used in the world of dogs. Do you know what a judge is talking about when he mentions stifle let-down, shallow brisket, or excessive angulation? K-9 Structure and Terminology defines and illustrates these and hundreds of other terms in easy to understand language so you can train your mind and eye to evaluate dogs. All dogs need sound structure for health, show, work, or sport, and, by learning to see beneath the skin the reader will be more able to work with, understand, and appreciate canis familiaris.

Gain a better understanding of:
Breed Standards including breed variations.
How the original purpose of the breed is expressed in the structure of the dog.
Terminology used in veterinary care and dog sports, especially Conformation.
How to identify what is right and sound in any dog you encounter.

Bonus! A 31-page glossary of words including common and less common terms.

What experts are saying about K-9 Structure and Terminology:

"If you wish to significantly improve your knowledge of canine conformation, K-9 Structure and Terminology provides a comprehensive description of the details of canine variation. And it does so with a clear focus on the importance of establishing a common terminology that can be understood and applied."
James W. Edwards, Ph.D., Professor of Biology, Emeritus, Salem College; AKC, Director, Judging Research and Development

"All of us in the dog world should strive for perfection We need to train our eyes and our hands to recognize the strengths in a dog s structure and movement. This book is an excellent guide in our unending quest of applicable knowledge."
Pat Hastings, author of Tricks of the Trade. From Best Intentions to Best in Show, AKC Judge and noted lecturer

Edward M. Gilbert is a multiple breed and group AKC judge, lecturer, and writer. His engineering and technical writing background makes him especially well-suited to the task of explaining canine structure and terminology. He lives in California with his wife Pat and their retired Champion Afghans and Salukis.
Thelma Brown, AKC Emeritus judge, worked side by side with her husband Curtis Brown breeding and showing dogs beginning in 1937. She is retired and living in California.