Ebook: Finding A Balance: Issues Of Power In Healthy Dog/Human Relationships

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Suzanne Clothier
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Flying Dog Press
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This is the revised & expanded 2017 edition

Finding A Balance examines the differences between canine & human perceptions of power and leadership. What we consider loving and responsible behavior, our dogs may see as ineffective or confusing.

Is your dog a Trust Fund Puppy? This booklet offers tips on evaluating the balance of power in your household, as well as easy to use, commonsense guidelines for establishing or restoring a healthy balance to your relationship with your dogs. Includes an abbreviated version of Puppy Politeness Poker plus PPP Worksheets & Cards.The complete PPP information can be found in Attentive Cooperation.

If your goal is a friendship, not a dictatorship, Finding A Balance will help you recognize your dog's cultural needs for leadership and find ways to meet those needs in a holistic and loving way.