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Kerry Claire
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Kerry Mitchell
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Based on true events, Finding Vera is the fictionalized story of a beautiful, intelligent, and sensitive German shepherd. After a difficult beginning, Vera's life spins out of control as she struggles to cope with her new family—two adult humans and two well-socialized, mature dogs who view her as the uncivilized punk sister. This is a story filled with anguish, joy, pain, and humor as the complexity of Vera's character is slowly revealed. Like a phoenix, she emerges triumphant. ? This novel illustrates some of the potential challenges of adopting a shelter dog, and the intensely rich and rewarding experience of working through the issues. Layered with a deep understanding of dogs, the author brings the dogs' points of view to life. You will never view your canine companion in the same way again.

Kerry Claire has worked as a registered nurse and nurse practitioner for much of her life, but dogs have always been her passion. She has been a dog trainer for thirty years, and has spent the last thirteen focused on canine behavior and aggression. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and their two sweet dogs, Vera and Annie. 'Finding Vera' is her first novel.