Ebook: K9 Kitchen - Your Dogs' Diet: The Truth Behind The Hype, 2nd Edition

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Monica Segal
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Doggie Diner, Inc.
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Revised 2nd EDITION! K9 Kitchen is an indispensable guide to the facts every dog owner needs before making feeding decisions.

Cutting through the current myths that surround home-prepared canine diets, this book presents facts as well as respectful consideration to feeding each dog as an individual. We begin with basic information, moving toward a better understanding of the nutritional needs of dogs, and providing analysis of commonly fed raw meaty bones and green tripe. The book provides 60 diet plans (20 cooked, 20 raw and 20 combination diets), the NRC 2006 nutrient requirements for adult dogs, and a step-by-step guideline to help the reader formulate a balanced diet.

Debunks many of the myths surrounding canine diets by showing that each dog is an individual with unique nutritional requirements. Provides a starting point and then shows ways to modify diets for dogs with problems ranging from pickiness to chronic medical problems. Packed with facts and studies, but still contains simple advice for feeding the family dog. Case histories, also how to individualize a diet for your own dog!

"The goal of the book is to present you with facts that will help you arrive at the best feeding choice for your own dog, and to address a few of the many myths that are often presented as facts." -- Monica Segal, AHCW

"Once again, Monica Segal has taken on the many questions and controversies surrounding homemade and raw diets and beaten them. Her approach is well investigated, fair, and comprehensive. This is a must read for pet owners who need responsible information about homemade diets." -- Susan G. Wynn, DVM