Ebook: Livestock Protection Dogs, 2nd Edition

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Orysia Dawydiak & David Sims
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Dogwise Publishing
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Small farms and large ranches are turning to dogs as a humane and ecologically sound way to protect their investments. This newly revised edition will make it easy to select a breed, care for, and train a livestock protection dog. Training methods have been refined and expanded, and there's even a chapter on guarding unusual stock, plus a discussion of theory, history and selection; livestock protection breeds as dual companion/working dogs; puppy temperament testing and training. Illustrated. 

Topics include: 
• What a livestock protection dog can do 
• Selecting a puppy 
• Caring for your dog 
• Behavioral problems and solutions 
• Preparations for a family companion 
• Guarding unusual stock 
• Older dogs 
• Puppy temperament testing and training 
• Plus much more!!!

Note from Dogwise Publishing:

Please be aware that this older title may recommend some training techniques that are now considered outdated. At the time of publication the use of negative reinforcement and positive punishment were more widely used to teach certain types of behaviors, especially with dogs who display a high degree of resilience. We encourage owners to always use the least intrusive, minimally aversive methods possible.