Ebook: Ravings Of A Long Haired Dog Trainer... Volume 1

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Mike Deathe
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The articles or "ravings" in this book give the reader a glimpse inside just what I think about dog training. They are small snippets and articles on the way to understand how to speak Dog As A Second Language vs. the tired and old ideas of the dog listening and doing what I want because I am the human . . . I hope to inspire you with these articles and whet your appetite to learn even more about a science based, positive reinforcement way of Keeping it Simple Stupid, and if nothing else to at least having fun while training your dog . . .

Mike Deathe, CPDT-KA, is a dog trainer who for years has seen the communication problems dogs and their owners encounter! In the end, the animal with all the "grey matter" and the opposable thumbs is still trying to force Fido to speak English! Welcome to Keep it Simple Stupid Dog Training, where finally you (the smart one) will finally understand that dogs don't speak English and it is your job to learn DASL (Dog as a Second Language)! Once fluent, I promise you and Fido will be communicating better than ever!