Ebook: Service Dog Coaching - A Guide for Pet Dog Trainers

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Veronica Sanchez
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Dogwise Publishing
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Add Service Dog Coaching to Your Training Business! 

Like many pet dog trainers, you may be getting questions from clients looking for help training a service dog. Despite the growing demand, even highly skilled trainers need additional education and preparation to take on this kind of work. Author, Veronica Sanchez teaches professional trainers how to help owners with disabilities train a service dog. She provides what you need to know to become a successful service dog coach. 

You will learn: 
• Characteristics of successful service dogs 
• How to coach owner-trainers 
• How to train typical service dog tasks and public access 
• How to incorporate service dog coaching in your training practice 

What the experts say about Service Dog Coaching: 
Veronica offers experienced R+ dog trainers a reliable business model for making a true difference in the lives of dogs and people both. The definitive read for any trainer contemplating the tremendously important work of service dog coaching. Veronica Boutelle, author of How to Run a Dog Business, founder & CEO of dog*biz 

Veronica's background as teacher and trainer, combined with her own experience with a disability, allowed her to develop a straightforward and practical manual which will be ‘must have’ for trainers who are ready to jump into the exceptionally rewarding work of coaching human and dog teams for service work. Heidi Meinzer, JD, CPDT-KSA, CNWI 

As the number of owner-trained service dogs increase, this valuable reference supports professional trainers in being effective coaches of service dog clients. If you have ever considered adding service dog clients to your program, this book is required reading. Michele Pouliot, International Guide Dog Program Assessor 

Masterful, clearly-written, packed with practical information, unique, and highly recommended! Truly fills a big gap in the literature with the comprehensive information and skills that professional dog trainers need to become coaches and collaborators with owner-trainers of service dogs. Risë VanFleetPhD, RPT-S, CDBC Author of The Human Half of Dog Training and Animal Assisted Play Therapy 

Veronica Sanchez is the founder of the Cooperative Paws Service Dog Coach certificate program for professional pet dog trainers. Veronica, her husband and their canine family live in Vienna, Virginia.