Ebook: Reactive Rover: An Owner's Guide To On Leash Dog Aggression Second Edition

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Mik Moeller
Publication Year:
reprinted 2021
Page Count:
Distributed by Dogwise Publishing
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Barking and lunging on leash is one of the most common and troublesome behavioral issues dog owners encounter. Mik provides tips to dog owners and trainers alike on how to work with Reactive Rovers. eBook includes an instructional video that can be viewed by link in eBook. 

Dogs have many common behavior issues and one of the most common is barking on leash. This book is written to help owners learn how to manage their dogs who go crazy when they see another dog while on leash. It will help you understand why dogs bark or lunge at other dogs on leash, and it will give you tools to manage your dog's behavior and teach them an alternate behavior to barking and lunging on leash.