Ebook: Triggers and Reactions: A Guide to Fixing Dog Behavior Problems: Volume One: On Leash Aggression

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Jeff Millman
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Jeff Millman Dog Training, LLC
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Your dog whines, growls, barks or lunges when on leash? This book is for you!

Learn logical, effective and humane strategies to stop unwanted leash behaviors. Learn the science behind why reactivity occurs, how to stop it and prevent problems from occurring in the future. Easy-to-follow illustrations and instructions for changing your dog's behavior.

This book is useful if your dog:
• Is shy around dogs or people
• Growls, barks or lunges at dogs, people, cars, skateboards, etc.
• Is too much to handle on a walk
• Is not getting enough exercise because you can't take him or her places
• Is calm and under control sometimes, but reacts inconsistently on leash
• Barks out of the window or behind a fence
• Plays beautifully off leash but is reactive on leash
• Seems playful or interested in dogs at a distance but reacts when dogs get too close

Whether you want to fix your own dog's problems or are a dog professional looking for an easy, effective method to work with your client's dogs, this book is for you!

Jeff Millman has trained dogs professionally since 2002. After graduating with honors from Jean Donaldson's highly acclaimed Academy for Dog Trainers in San Francisco, CA, Jeff honed his skills working with thousands of dogs in Chicago, IL. and Cary, NC.

Learn from one of the best positive reinforcement dog trainers and have safer, more pleasant walks with your dog. Your dog will benefit from longer walks, more exercise, and more socialization. Don't wait another day to fix these problems today using strategies that really work.

Unlike other methods that you might have tried, Jeff will show you how to first analyze your dog's stress levels and make adjustments using movement and distance away from triggers to lower reactivity. Once you understand how to read your dog's responses to the environment, you can desensitize your dog to triggers that currently cause stress. Stress, when left untreated, builds and causes reactivity.

Don't wait another day to start fixing whining, barking, lunging on leash behaviors.

Start today to lower your dog's stress levels and reactivity and have a calmer, happier dog.

Jeff Millman lives in Cary, NC with his two wonderful children, amazing wife, and English Shepherds, Sky and Storm. He was always known as an animal fanatic since he was a little boy. After studying journalism, living in Alaska after college while living in a tent, working professionally as an internet consultant and creative director, he studied dog training with the world-famous Jean Donaldson in San Francisco in 2002.

Since then, he has been honing his dog training craft while training thousands of dogs. He is proud to bring you his books and wants you to know that you can train your dog humanely and effectively. No choke chains, prong collars or shock collars ever! Jeff's message is to enjoy your dog, be patient and compassionate.