Ebook: Shock To The System - The Facts About Animal Vaccination, Pet Food and How To Keep Your Pets Healthy

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Catherine O'Driscoll
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Are vaccinations and stress making our pets SICK?
Over-vaccinating combined with stress, poor nutrition, and other factors is putting our companion animals at risk for serious diseases including auto-immune disorders, cancer or even death. In this well researched book, you will discover how typical vaccination protocols and environmental and genetic factors may be combining to turn your dog, cat, or horse into a ticking time-bomb of health problems, and how you can improve your pet's health and longevity.

Bringing together research from around the world, Shock to the System explains the physiology of stress, the role of genetics and nutrition and the health risks to our companion animals from over-vaccination. It also suggests sound solutions to keeping your pet healthy.

Find out:
Why many of the health problems we see in pets today are caused by a combination of factors-including over-vaccination, stress and diet
How to decide which vaccinations are necessary to protect your pet's health without endangering it
How to time vaccinations so that they don't overburden your pet's immune system
About new, less frequent vaccination schedules that many vets are now using
How to minimize stress in your pet's life-and maybe your own!

British author Catherine O'Driscoll founded Canine Health Concern in 1994 after two of her young dogs died because of adverse reactions to vaccines. CHC campaigns for the end of over-vaccination and promotes real food and complementary health care options for animals. Catherine is the author of What Vets Don't Tell You About Vaccines, which, when published in 1997 has been a major force in getting pet owners and veterinarians to reevaluate their vaccination protocols. Today she lives in Scotland with her partner Rob Ellis and three Golden Retrievers, Edward, Daniel and Gwinnie, and lectures on canine health around the world.

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Catherine O'Driscoll presents Shock to the System: The Facts about Animal Vaccination, Pet Food and How to Keep Your Pets Healthy as an informed and informative study of the truths of stress and vaccinations and how such things may actually be the cause of illness in our pets. Readers will be enlightened as Shock to the System is one of the greatest analysis of modern realizations in pertinence to animal health. Shock to the System is very strongly recommended reading to all pet owners for its informational and user friendly information on all the elements of basic pet care. James A. Cox

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  • 5

    Posted by ANTONIS STEFAS on 21st Oct 2018

    An excellent book. I use it to provide data to my students. Athens - Greece

  • 5
    Great book

    Posted by Lainy on 7th Sep 2018

    Great book full of really great information