Ebook: Six-Figure Pet Sitting: Catapult Your Pet Sitting Business to Unlimited Success

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Kristin Morrison
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Six-Figure Pet Business Academy
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This revolutionary book will show you how to turn your struggling pet sitting business into a lucrative, stress-free enterprise. You will learn how to create the foundation to build a six-figure pet sitting business, ensure business success from the beginning, remove the blocks to letting financial abundance in, find and keep great staff members, and more! "Six-Figure Pet Sitting" is highly recommended by the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and many pet sitting business owners from around the country.

You will learn how to:

• Create the Foundation to Build a Six-Figure Pet Sitting Business
• Ensure Business Success from the Beginning
• Create the One-Hour Business Plan: Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan
• Understand Your Commitment and Value in Business
• Remove the Blocks to Let Financial Abundance In
• Work with Business Financials
• Advertise and Sell to Generate Results
• Find, Work With, and Keep Great Staff Members
• Set Goals to Achieve Pet Sitting Business Success
• And More!

Kristin Morrison is the founder of the Six-Figure Pet Sitting Academy. She is also the owner of a large pet sitting and dog walking company and a business coach for pet sitters. Kristin has created a six-figure pet sitting business while working 3-4 days a week. She has coached hundreds of pet sitters in the United States and Canada and enjoys being a guide for other pet sitters on the fine art of creating a successful business while maintaining a rich and meaningful personal life.