Ebook: Six Figure Pet Business: Unleash The Potential In Your Dog Training, Pet Grooming, and Doggy Daycare Business

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Kristin Morrison
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Six-Figure Pet Business Academy
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Six-Figure Pet Business is a business success book for dog trainers, dog and cat groomers, dog day care owners, and any other pet business owner. Learn how to create the foundation for success, ensure business success from the very start, remove the roadblocks to let financial success in, bow to hire the right staff members and more! This book is the roadmap for multiple six-figure success for all pet business owners who are ready to unleash their potential and grow beyond what they think is probable and explore and create what is possible.

What reviewers are saying...

"As someone who started training dogs professionally in the late 70's, I remember a time when books on dog training were rare and those published were mostly about breeds and/or dog shows. One area that has always been under represented is the subject of business. This lack of information creates a real challenge for the typical dog trainer. Not only does Six-Figure Pet Business explain important business principles in an understandable fashion, it is replete with up-to-date tips designed to help dog trainers in the real world."
-Steven Appelbaum
President, Animal Behavior College

'Six-Figure Pet Business' gives pet care professionals all the steps they need to grow their businesses. Kristin has once again shown herself to be a terrific business coach!"-International Boarding and Pet Services Association.

"Six-Figure Pet Business is a first class book and essential reading. I will definitely be recommending Six-Figure Pet Business to all wishing to start their own pet business and those already in it." Martin Deeley, International Association of Canine Professionals

I found "Six Figure Pet Business" to contain a great deal of helpful information for pet grooming business owners, especially for those just starting out. The content is thorough, well organized and presented in a way that makes implementation easy to keep up with. I recommend the book to all of our students. -National Cat Groomers Institute of America