Ebook: The Evolution Of Charlie Darwin - Partner With Your Dog Using Positive Training

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Beth Duman
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Earth Voices Publishing
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This book brilliantly explains the scientific principles of positive reinforcement training in every day language. --Erich Klinghammer, PhD Director of Wolf Park.

If you are looking for a step-by-step guide to help explain the use of positive reinforcement in training and living with your canine friend, then this is the book for you. Trainer and educator Beth Duman takes you by the hand and guides you through the entire process from the very start. (Trainers - This might be a good book to have your students take home for homework.)

Beth humbly uses her experiences with her own rescue dog, Charlie Darwin (hence the title), to illustrate the successes and pitfalls of training and learning to live happily together.

Brilliant and well written! Most dog training books are so dry, and one struggles to go from lesson to lesson. Ms. Duman has written a book that is full of humor and pathos, as he takes you through the step by step training process with a little rescue dog who evolved into Charles Darwin. Along the way, she shares stories about her own dogs, and other dogs, who have benefited from these positive training methods. This book holds your interest, page by page, and makes you eager to hep your own dog become the best that he or she can be, which foremost, is your best friend.---Therri O'Dea.

Beth is both a wolf specialist and focused dog trainer. She has done wolf education programs in Michigan since 1972 and the Michigan representative for Wolf Park since 1974. Beth, a 2011 APDT Speaker, has been doing positive dog training for over 16 years and is a core staff trainer for Dog Scouts of America and a Victoria Stilwell Positive Trainer.