Ebook: The Soul Of The Wolf A Meditation On Wolves and Man

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Michael Fox
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Dogwise Classics
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Unlike many of Michael Fox's earlier work which were fundamentally academic studies, Soul of the Wolf was written in a less formal style to help the reader understand the nature of the wolf and to build understanding of the wolf. It was written at a time when wolf behavior was largely misunderstood and wolves were viewed as nuisances who should be removed from contact with modern society. One of the more interesting aspects of the book is the comparison between wolf and human behavior and how both species, for example, stare to exhibit a threat, enjoy touch and physical contact with "pack" members, and the similar ways both avoid conflict. Fox's love of wolves come through in this very readable and enjoyable book.

Soul of the Wolf is a Dogwise Classic Ebook originally published in 1980 with a revised edition in 1992. Titles selected for this series are out-of-print works that are interesting, informative, and historically significant. They are the foundation for our current knowledge and Dogwise Publishing is keeping them alive for today's dog enthusiasts.