Ebook: Behaviour Of Wolves Dogs and Related Canids

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Michael Fox
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Prior to 1970, our knowledge of the behavior of wolves and other canids including the domestic dog was extremely limited. Little research had been done in the field and, of course, this was before the era of DNA research. In The Behaviour of Wolves, Dogs and Related Canids, Dr. Michael W. Fox, presented in 1971some of the first scientific research in the field which lay the ground work for the studies in more recent years by such luminaries as Ray Coppinger. Fox was one of the first to note the role of submissive behaviors in wolves, calling into doubt that aggressive behaviors ruled in a pack of wolves. He also recognized that wolf packs are largely family units and that the parents (the alphas) show great tolerance and acceptance of their young offspring. Even though much of the research was based on the behavior of captive wolves, much of it has passed the test of time.

The Behaviour of Wolves, Dogs and Related Canids is a Dogwise Classic Ebook originally published in 1971. Titles selected for this series are out-of-print works that are interesting, informative, and historically significant. They are the foundation for our current knowledge and Dogwise Publishing is keeping them alive for today's dog enthusiasts.