Ebook: Adore Your Adolescent Dog: Change Your Dog's Frustrating Behaviours for Life

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Jo Sellers
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Pippin Pets Dog Training
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Turn your teenage hooligan into a dog who listens.

If you feel like your adorable puppy has turned into a rebellious teenager, this ground-breaking dog training book is for you!

Between six months and two years of age, your puppy becomes an adolescent. And boy, is it a tricky phase! In fact, it’s the stage when the largest number of dogs are given up to rescue. Avoid that awful fate, and get revolutionary help to change your dog’s behaviour, fast.

Jo Sellers’ dog training book will help you make sense of the unpredictable teenage stage and equip you with the skills and knowledge to build the relationship you've always dreamed of.

Get ready to overcome your challenges and enjoy your dog's teenage years!

Accredited dog trainer Jo Sellers reveals:
• What’s going on in your dog’s brain (so you can make sense of their behaviour)
• Focus games you can play with your dog to win back their undivided attention
• How to manage challenging teenage dog behaviours from barking to countertop surfing, through to lead walking and recall
• The truth about humping, spaying, neutering and sexual maturity
• And much more!

Jo Sellers is an experienced dog trainer, boasting accreditations with leading dog behaviour organisations such as the ABTC, PACT and the Pet Professional Guild. Jo is also a Certified Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer, Scentwork UK and a UK Sniffer Dogs instructor.
Jo’s superpower is transforming hard to understand dog behaviour science into conversational plain English that dog owners can make sense of. Her book is written in a practical manner, allowing you to put her revealing insights into action and achieve the life with your dog you always dreamed of.

Say goodbye to confusion and despair, and welcome in your dog training wing-woman – here to transform your dog’s tricky behaviour for good.
Jo lives in Surrey and spends her time helping dogs and their humans to enjoy life together and transform struggles into triumphs. Jo particularly enjoys training puppies, adolescent dogs and running scent detection classes, as well as helping many online clients with separation anxiety training.