Ebook: Understanding Your Dog

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Michael Fox
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**Please note that Dogwise does not endorse all of the training methods used in this book; it is a historical document and an early example of modern dog training.

This book is a classic in its field. A reissued guide to dog psychology and behavior that will help you learn the motivation behind your dog's behavior.

Explore your dog's mind with America's most beloved veterinarian as your guide.
Find out how to tell if a new puppy may have potential problems like biting and fear of strangers.
Find out the meaning-Freudian or not-so-Freudian-of your dog's dreams.
Find out whether Fido really does have ESP.
Find out how to read your dog's body language: is the dog macho or submissive?
Find out how your dog's IQ may be related to her breed.
Find out how to help a nervous dog cope with thunder.
And much, much more.

No ordinary guide, this book displays Dr. Fox's expertise in behavior research, examining dog's instincts and complex personalities. Learn the motivations behind your dogs' reactions to people, other dogs, and the world that surrounds them.
Understanding Your Dog will give your a whole new respect for your dog's mental processes. See your animal companion as a full, vibrant mind with subtle communications skills, personal idiosyncrasies, and perhaps even neuroses, and enrich your dog ownership experience.