Ebook: Urban Sheepdog: Understanding Your Herding Breed Dog

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Emily Priestley
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Emily Priestley
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With a history dating back 100 years, many herding breed dogs are selectively bred to excel with specific traits and abilities. These dogs have long done work for us, helping to control livestock all around the world. However, in some cases, these dogs have gone from hard-working farm hands to condo dwellers in as little as one generation. While we love border collies and other herders, many breeds are clashing with our lifestyles and are being misunderstood.

Dive into their history, get to know your working dog for who they are and fall in love with all aspects of them. You'll understand them and become a better guardian because of it! A leading expert in herding breeds in pet homes, Emily Priestley, CTC, CDBC, SAPT, will take you on a journey to meet your herding breed and see them for who they are.

In Urban Sheepdog, Emily will help you understand why they do what they do and the common issues in our homes when we live with herding breeds. From genetics to puppy raising, adulthood, breed behaviours and everything in between, Emily will help you get to know your dog again!

Emily Priestley is a multi-certified dog behaviour consultant who has worked with and handled dogs professionally for over a decade. She graduated from The Academy for Dog Trainers and worked for the BC SPCA for nine years. Emily lives on the west coast of Canada with her family, two border collies and an Australian cattle dog.