Urban Sheepdog: Understanding Your Herding Breed Dog

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Emily Priestley
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Emily Priestley

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With a history dating back 100 years, many herding breed dogs are selectively bred to excel with specific traits and abilities. These dogs have long done work for us, helping to control livestock all around the world. However, in some cases, these dogs have gone from hard-working farm hands to condo dwellers in as little as one generation. While we love border collies and other herders, many breeds are clashing with our lifestyles and are being misunderstood.

Dive into their history, get to know your working dog for who they are and fall in love with all aspects of them. You'll understand them and become a better guardian because of it! A leading expert in herding breeds in pet homes, Emily Priestley, CTC, CDBC, SAPT, will take you on a journey to meet your herding breed and see them for who they are.

In Urban Sheepdog, Emily will help you understand why they do what they do and the common issues in our homes when we live with herding breeds. From genetics to puppy raising, adulthood, breed behaviours and everything in between, Emily will help you get to know your dog again!

Emily Priestley is a multi-certified dog behaviour consultant who has worked with and handled dogs professionally for over a decade. She graduated from The Academy for Dog Trainers and worked for the BC SPCA for nine years. Emily lives on the west coast of Canada with her family, two border collies and an Australian cattle dog.

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  • 5
    Insightful, easy to read must have book for herding dog guardians!

    Posted by Maya Kolankowska on 7th Mar 2024

    Urban Sheepdog: Understanding Your Herding Breed Dog is an insightful guide for anyone who owns a herding breed dog. Emily, the author does an excellent job of diving into the unique characteristics and behaviours of herding breed dogs and how to best care for and understand them in an urban environment. The book covers a wide range of topics, including the history of herding dogs, common challenges urban owners may face, and myth debunking. The author's knowledge and expertise shine through, and it's clear that she have a deep understanding of these amazing dogs. What sets this book apart is its emphasis on understanding the instincts and drives of herding breed dogs. By delving into the genetic traits that make these dogs excel at their job, the author provides valuable insights into how to manage these traits in an urban setting. Overall, Urban Sheepdog: Understanding Your Herding Breed Dog is a must-read for anyone who owns or is considering owning a herding breed dog. It's packed with valuable information, practical advice, and a deep understanding of these unique and wonderful dogs. If you do not have a herding breed dog, it is a great book to offer as a gift. I highly recommend it to all herding breed dog owners.

  • 5
    Must read for herding dog owners n everyone working w/ herders

    Posted by Claudia on 19th Feb 2024

    This book explains where our herding breeds come from n how they operate n think. If you're thinking about getting a herding dog, read this book before getting the dog! Super easy to understand and written with lots of love for those high drive dogs. It helped me to understand my blue Heeler much better. Emily also does online consulting and offers great online classes! I've attended a "dry herding" and "reactive to proactive" 4 weeks class with her and can highly recommend her! Read the book! Check her out online, she has a super supportive online community too!

  • 5
    Helpful, Accurate and Readable

    Posted by Jean Donaldson on 19th Feb 2024

    There are pernicious myths and fads in the fog behavior world, and drivey sheepdog breeds get more than their fair share. This book is such a refreshing antidote. Packed with useful information and beautifully written. Emily knows her stuff.

  • 5
    Urban Sheepdog

    Posted by Lisa Skavienski on 19th Feb 2024

    Love this book! Such a helpful read, and something I recommend to everyone with a herding breed dog to gain better understanding and empathy for their dog.

  • 5
    Worth the read!

    Posted by Maria Karunungan on 19th Feb 2024

    If you’ve got a herding breed you’re struggling with, this book is packed with a-ha’s to help you understand what’s going on, as well as very useful, practical strategies to make things better for both you and your dog!

  • 5
    highly recommend

    Posted by Maria on 18th Feb 2024

    Anyone who has a herding dog in their life needs to read this book. The insights into what makes these dogs tick is invaluable.