Fetch More Dollars for Your Dog Training Business

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John D. Visconti
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Dogwise Publishing
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Winner of the DWAA Maxwell Award for 2015, Best General Reference Book

At last, sales coaching for dog trainers!
Dog trainers generally don't think of themselves as salespeople many in fact recoil at the thought! However, when you define selling as the process of communicating the benefits that your services can provide to owners and their dogs, you realize that you must be an effective salesperson to have a successful business. Author John Visconti takes the mystery and fear out of the selling process in this book which belongs in the toolbox of every professional dog trainer. Meet your own personal sales coach!

Thank Goodness! At long last, an approach that focuses on the people-motivating aspects of the business of pet dog training. It doesn't matter how good you are at training dogs, if you lack sales savvy and people skills for promotion, few dogs will benefit from your experience and expertise. I love this book. I really like the style well written, catchy and always straight to the point.
Dr. Ian Dunbar, Founder of The Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

In this playful and incredibly enjoyable book, John Visconti shows readers many qualities that they already possess to sell their training services effectively and with heart. No longer will sales be a dirty word and trainers who read and apply the wisdom from this book will relish in their confidence and happily realize their goal of to helping more dogs and owners.
Malena DeMartini-Price, author of Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs

I really enjoyed the humor, personal stories, quotes and resources that this book provides. It's packed with wonderful thought provoking topics that give the reader nuggets to think about and apply to their own business. John coaches you to think of sales in a more inviting and less intimidating light. I truly appreciate his approach and highly recommend this book to dog professionals who have a less than desirable CER about sales. The more comfortable we all are in our business the more dogs and families we can reach!
Jennifer Shryock, B.A., CDBC Founder & Director of FPPE

Most of us dog trainers are absolutely terrible salespeople! We tend to let our compassion get the better of us, and we have a hard time realizing what we are really worth. John's book is an excellent handbook for recognizing our value and selling ourselves effectively!
Michelle Douglas, CPDT-KA, CDBC, Past President, APDT

I'm thrilled to finally see this helpful information in print! The profession of dog training will benefit from all dog trainers learning the simple selling techniques John outlines in his book. You don't have to be a car salesman, but you also don't have to give away all your services for free. There is another way and John highlights it in this easy-to-read and understand book. Get it now and help more clients by learning the techniques John teaches!
Robin Bennett, author of All About Dog Daycare - A Blueprint for Success

Author John Visconti, CPDT-KA is the owner of Rising Star Dog Training Services; Rising Star Dog Training; Dog Trainer ConneXion business management software; and Fetch More Dollars sales consulting. He lives in North Carolina with his canine companions.

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