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Sarah Whitehead
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Dogwise Publishing

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What is a shopworn or damaged title?

We often have books that have slight damage to either the cover or the interior of the books that don't allow us to sell them as brand new. If you don't need a brand new looking book, these are a great option. 


Training classes are perfect for some - but not for others. If you would like to train your dog between putting the kettle on and making a cup of tea, or want to practice what you already know during the commercial breaks on TV - these methods are ideal for you. This booklet is designed to help you teach your dog or puppy the basics for everyday living.

1. Learning canine as a foreign language
2. Using a clicker or signal of reward
3. Attention
4. Sit
5. Down
6. Coming when called
7. Walking by your side
8. Leave
9. Stay
10. Moving on
11. Take the training challenge!

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