Joy of Heeling: Building Confidence, Enthusiasm and Precision through Games

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Julie Flanery
Teresa Hall
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Creative Canine LLC

This compilation of over 50 games and exercises will teach your dog the complex task of heeling and to have fun doing it! From preparing your dog for the physical challenges of heelwork to games that build joy, enthusiasm, precision, and accuracy, to integrating the exercises into your sport, this book covers it all. It will change your perspective about what it means to train your dog to heel!

Easy to read, and well-organized with step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and photographs, it is chock-full of information that will improve all your dog sport training, not just heelwork! This is a must-have for anyone interested in dog sports. If you want a dog that loves to heel, It’s time for you and your dog to experience the Joy of Heeling!

What top trainers are saying about Joy of Heeling!

As a hardcore enthusiast of “all things heeling”, I can recommend Julie, her methods, and her games without reservation. Julie is a master at taking a complex skill fraught with challenge and turning it into a joyful expression of teamwork. If you want more joyful and precise heeling for rally, obedience or freestyle, this book will guide you from your very first training session to …“Wow! That’s my dog!
Denise Fenzi, founder, Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

Having this book available to review basic steps, and reminders of how to advance behaviors will be a wonderful addition to my training library. Joy of Heeling is clearly written, entertaining, and easy to follow, I highly recommend it to new trainers, and those who have been training for a long time. It will become one of your favorite training books, filled with insights on training in general and not just heeling.
Esther Zimmerman

What a refreshing approach for teaching heelwork! As a freestyler, Julie brings many new and fun approaches to traditional obedience training. Her focus on the many facets of reinforcement and reward events is appreciated. Without the right type, frequency and value, it would be difficult to develop Julie's coined phrase of creating a "Happy Emotional Response" (HER) to heelwork. Not only will you come away with great heeling games, but her concepts and general training advice will also apply to ALL training!
-Julie Symons, owner of Savvy Dog Sports

Dog sports competitor, and champion canine freestyler, Julie Flanery has titled dogs, in a variety of dog sports including obedience, rally, agility, trick dog, and parkour. She has earned a Grand Championship in musical freestyle, a Championship in heelwork-to-music, and an Elite Grand Championship in Rally- FrEe. Her accomplishments include high-scoring technical and high-scoring artistic performances, “Top H.A.T.” awards for High Scoring Heelwork, Attention, and Teamwork and 3-time recipient of the prestigious Attila Challenge Award. In 2012 she developed the sport of Rally-FrEe, enjoyed by dog enthusiasts all over the world.