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Leslie Nelson
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2 Hours
Healthy Dog Productions
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Heeling For Precision & Fun from Dogwise.com on Vimeo.

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Leslie Nelson teaches you how to build your dog's attention when you are on the move. Strengthen the connection for all dog sports, competition obedience heeling, agility, rally, and freestyle dance. This DVD explains the value of luring, shaping (clicker training), targeting, and play training plus demonstrates the mechanics and application of all four. It includes tons of examples with multiple handlers with different breeds and sizes of dogs demonstrating handling skills, placement and delivery of reinforcement for precision, use of music, eye cues, props, specific exercises, and techniques for building and keeping the connection. 

Also many ideas for competition class instructors and demonstrations of class management. This video is a compilation of Leslie's years as a trainer, competitor, and instructor. She shares all the tricks, tools and rules she has developed as well as many learned from other seminar presenters such as Kay Lawrence and training associates Patty Ruzzo, Anne Hasset and Mary Horne.

This video is a recording of Leslie's Heeling with Connection class at Camp Gone to the Dogs, June 2014.

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