Positively Powerful Heeling - Armband Heeling Method - Streaming Video on Demand

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Janice Gunn
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52 Minutes
TNT Kennels
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Positively Powerful Heeling - Armband Heeling Method from Dogwise.com on Vimeo.

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The Armband Heeling Method  – 51.8 minutes

  • Pot Work  & Rear In Foundations – 15.58 minutes – I felt it was important to include some basic foundation skills that will help you to achieve your heeling goals.   In these exercises I am emphasizing rear end awareness and how to help your dog keep his rear in.  One of the common problems in heeling is the dog that “crabs” which is heeling with the rear end out, this equals points off in the ring.  Left turns are also difficult for many dogs and results in the handler turning left and the dog bumps into you by not picking up on your cue.  This foundation work will help a lot with these issues, and it is also a fun exercise for your dog to learn.
  • Armband Talk, No Dog – 19:22 minutes – I will take you through the armband method steps one by one.  I explain each step thoroughly and provide important information on things you should and should not be doing.  Without having a dog present it allows me to focus in on many important points so you can understand how the method works in it’s entirety.
  • Armband Demo with Dog – 17 minutes –  After you have watched my armband talk without a dog you have a good understanding of the steps you will take.  Adding in a dog now gives you a visual demonstration of the method and different things to watch for & do when your dog is present.