Positively Powerful Heeling - Push Heeling Method - Streaming Video on Demand

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Janice Gunn
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73 Minutes
TNT Kennels
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Positively Powerful Heeling - Push Heeling Method from Dogwise.com on Vimeo.

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The Push Heeling  Method – 73 minutes

This method I taught to Sparks as a puppy.  It is similar to what many European and IPO handlers teach, although I have made some changes to suit my sport of choice which is AKC/CKC Competition obedience.  I wanted to try this method as it allows me to have more hands on contact when teaching, it is also a way to teach more collection and active heeling if you follow through using all the tools I provide in this video series.  It can be a bit more difficult for a novice trainer to teach, but if your dog does not connect with the armband method this is a great alternative.  This is not a method that I would use with small dogs. 

  • Push Heeling Introduction – 5 minutes
  • Pot Work & Rear In Foundations – 15.58 minutes – see above
  • Push Heeling Method - 20:32 minutes
  • The Heeling Helpers – 16 minutes – These are tools that I show and demonstrate how to use.  These will help to create more collection in the dog’s rear and help to provide some front end lift for a more active and engaged heeling dog.
  • Hand on Outside of Head – 16 minutes -You will see dogs that are trained in IPO competing and their handler’s hand is on the outside of the head when they are heeling.  I wish we could do the same in our sport, but we can’t and the challenge is when we put our hand at our waist, dogs tend to want to come forward.  The skill of teaching your dog to have your hand on the outside of their head is very valuable throughout their career to help maintain proper heel position.  In this section I show you how to teach it and where you can place your reinforcement to provide your dog with a focal point for times when your hand is on the outside OR at your waist.

I suggest you watch all the video’s in package two before you actually start teaching it, so you can clearly see the progression of what you will be teaching, and there are pieces of each section you can start teaching early on.