New Knowledge Of Dog Behavior

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Clarence Pfaffenberger
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Dogwise Publishing

Is it heredity or environment that shapes the dog? Researchers J.P. Scott and John L. Fuller, authors of Genetics and Social Behavior of the Dog, bred and cross-bred dogs in their quest to understand human heredity and behavior. Their research yielded a gold mine of data that Pfaffenberger turned into practical information for dog breeders and trainers. Learn about the critical stages of puppy development, how breed differences make dogs suitable for specialized work, and how to breed and socialize temperamentally sound dogs. Reprint of a 1963 classic.

Today's experts recommend The New Knowledge of Dog Behavior
Every time I hear someone talking about dogs as being hard wired' for behavior; or self-centered, food-seeking gluttons, eager to be manipulated with a tidbit or click, I get out my copy of this book and my faith in dog and man is rejuvenated.
William E. Campbell is the author of Behavior Problems in Dogs & Dog Behavior Problems: The Counselor's Handbook.

The description of developmental stages in New Knowledge was, and is, quite unique, forming the basis of all subsequent puppy training and husbandry tests, including my own. Most importantly it emphasizes that puppies must be socialized towards people and dogs BEFORE they are three month's old!!!
Ian Dunbar, DVM, is the author of How to Teach a New Dog Old Tricks & Sirius Puppy Training, among others.

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    The New Knowledge of Dog Behavior is a classic.

    Posted by Tamara Taylor on 28th Jan 2019

    This classic is truly a "landmark work," setting down basics that are still used today in dog training and socialization. An important addition to your library if you are interested in socialization, critical periods in a puppy's life, and how temperament testing began.