Performance Attention: Creating Your Dream Team Dvd

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Michele Pouliot
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2 hrs 36 mins
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It is time to enter the ring. You are warming up your dog and realize they are not paying attention to you. You cue a few behaviors with less than desirable responses. Any person involved in competitive dog sports has likely experienced that nerve-wracking feeling. In this seminar presentation by Michele Pouliot, the topic of developing Enthusiastic Attention Behavior for performance is addressed. In most dog sports the handler strives to get full attention from their dog during performance. Without attention to the handler's cues, excellent performance is impossible. Many trainers include Attention as just one of the many criteria when teaching any behavior. Michele shows you how to train Enthusiastic Attention Behavior as a foundation skill, separate from other behaviors. Offering 100% Attention with an eager attitude in distracting situations is a very difficult behavior for most dogs. Michele's method of building this important skill as a separate behavior is both simple and brilliant. Learn the steps for teaching Performance Attitude and Attention from one of the best.

What experts are saying about Performance Attention:

Michele's insights into strategic placement and delivery of rewards and her system of getting great performance attention is a must for any performance sport team wanting to reach their full potential.
Julie Flanery, CPDT -KA Champion Freestyler and Rally-FrEe Developer

Michele Pouliot has been a professional guide dog instructor with the largest US guide dog school, serving the blind, since 1974. Before entering the guide dog field, she was a professional in the field of horse training, mentoring under Linda Tellington Jones. Over her 40+ years of dog training, Michele has presented scores of seminars across North America and abroad. She has been responsible for bringing science based Clicker Training to guide dog training and promoting the expansion of Clicker Training internationally within the guide dog field. In her hobby world , Michele has actively competed in both horse and dog sports since 1970. Michele's passion for teaching and her love of dogs is distinctive in her presentations, one of the many reasons she was honored as 2011 Trainer of the Year by the World Canine Freestyle Organization. She is sought after for her seminars and workshops due to her clarity of instruction along with her entertaining style of presenting.

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