Pointing the Bone at Cancer: In Dogs, Cats & Humans

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Ian Billinghurst
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Warrigal Publishing
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Pointing The Bone At Cancer is a book about cancer in dogs… cats and humans. It chronicles and provides a solution for a disease that is striking with increased frequency and severity. While surgery has its place… the chemotherapy and radiation used by modern medicine … mostly does more harm than good. The newer targeted therapies—while promising much—are proving a costly and cruel failure. These treatments are based on an enormous misconception about the actual cause of cancer, which believes that mutational mayhem is to blame. And yet we have known for over half a century that cancer arises from a “conserved” genetic programme of growth and reproduction, as used by our embryonic stem cells. 

Our body cells resurrect this programme following damage to their energy producing organelles called mitochondria. This damage is caused by a combination of carcinogens and lifestyle problems. Once resurrected… this programme of constant reproduction… begins to create the mutational mayhem… we see in cancer cells. 

How this ancient genetic programme is turned on… why it exists… why it allows… or causes genetic mayhem… what drives it… and what we can do about it… is the central theme of this book. 

The fact that cancer thrives on what we in the west choose to eat—a sugar-rich diet lacking in protective nutrients—and way too much of it… points the way to the nutritional tools we need to defeat cancer. These nutritional tools can be used alone or combined with the current standard of care. Targeted Nutritional Therapies work quietly… inexpensively and without fuss and without traumatizing the patient. All we need is an educated set of health professionals who are willing to adopt these tools as their (our!) chief weapon in the fight to defeat cancer. 

This knowledge is available now. The science exists. 

Please get hold of your copy of Pointing the Bone at Cancer… to find out how you can become part of the oncological revolution that has the power to defeat cancer.