Positive Herding 101: Dog-friendly training (Positive Herding Dog) (Shopworn)

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Barbara Buchmayer with Sally Adam
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Positive Herding 101, LLC

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Searching for a proven approach to training positive herding?

Or are you seeking:
1. To learn some fun, new positive training skills to teach your dog?
2. A way to exercise both the mind and body of your high-energy dog?
3. The solution to a problem you are facing on your herding journey?
4. To investigate a companion interest to your main dog sport of:

• Agility
• Obedience/Rally
• Disc Dog
• Tracking/Nose Work or
• Other dog sport?

The search is over!

Positive Herding 101 addresses all of these concerns in detail and teaches you how to easily start your dog:
• In your home or yard
• Using treats, toys, and cones
• With no livestock

This book provides clear explanations, step-by-step training plans, and troubleshooting suggestions that create savvy trainers and thriving dogs. It’s almost like having your own herding dog trainer on retainer!

Barbara Buchmayer has over 30 years of herding experience and coached Sally Adam of South Africa from a complete herding newbie to a South African Sheepdog Association’s reserve herding champion.

This revolutionary new way to train herding is sheep tested, dog approved.

Positive Herding 101 Positive Herding 201