Predatory Behaviour Management: How To Control Your Chasing Dog

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Pia Gröning and Ariane Ullrich
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Your dog is a rabbit-chaser, a deer-hunter and he scares up ducks? Is it completely pointless to address him when the smell of game is in the air?

Are you fed up and want to do something about it?

Then this book is for you. Designed as a workbook it gives you step by step instructions and helps you get a grip on the situation. Training journal, generalization chart and reward chart become helpful tools for your successful, positive and consistent training that will be full of fun. Revised edition with a foreword by Professor Dr. Martin Pietralla.

• Theoretically Basics of Learning, Genetics and Predators
• Training:
• Long-Lead-Training
• Orientation Training
• Impulse Control Training
• Control in front of prey
• Click for a glance (CfG)
• Alternative Tasks
• PBM with two dogs
• Prevention

Ariane Ullrich and Pia Gröning are certified german dogtrainers since years. They both work with gundog to control their behaviour. Both also take advanced courses as a member and presenter at the professional association of dog trainers and behavioural consultants (BHV e.V.) Ariane and Pia authored other books and dvds and examine new dogtrainers on their way to educate human-dog-teams.