Purely Positive Training - Companion To Competition

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Sheila Booth
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Dog World Review, February 2012

Train your dog the positive way. Includes how to raise a puppy positively, how to build a strong relationship, manners training, teaching a really reliable recall, and how to train effectively without force. Special instructions in each section for companion dogs, competition obedience, agility and Schutzhund. Clearly explains both theory and technique, including The Golden Rule and The Ten Commandments of positive training. Easy-to-follow directions to teach sit, down, stand, heel, recall, finish, retrieving, jumping and send away. Special chapter on preparing for successful competition. Written with love of dogs and an understanding of training.

Sheila Booth has trained dogs in a variety of disciplines for 40 years, but she always considers her dogs primarily companions. She combines her profession as an editor/journalist with her passion for dogs, and hopes to help others make training more fun. She lives in Virginia with her dog and 2 cats (all from rescue).