Quick Clicks - Fast and Fun Behaviors To Teach Your Dog With A Clicker 2nd Ed.

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Mandy Book & Cheryl Smith
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Dogwise Publishing
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Make your clicker training fun and useful
Clicker training for dogs is becoming more popular with both dog trainers and pet dog owners. But sometimes the science behind this very effective training method gets in the way of what the owner really wants to do to teach their dogs lots of fun and useful behaviors. Authors Cheryl Smith and Mandy Book have a written step-by-step training manual to help you apply clicker training to a wide range of basic and fun dog behaviors no matter what your experience level. The focus is on getting results to get you and your dog clicking!

Click your way to
Creating a learning environment that works for you and your dog.
Using techniques that are effective and dog-friendly.
Building a repertoire of behaviors for a family-friendly dog.

NEW! This second edition includes photos to illustrate what is being taught, a better progression of skills that build on one another, and speed steps for those who do not need detailed instructions.

Experts in dog training and dog writing praise Quick Clicks:
"Finally a training book that's fun! For beginning trainers, this book offers step-by-step instruction with little room for error. For seasoned clicker trainers, it offers tons of ideas for fun behaviors and lots of important reminders about the basics of clicker training. This book is destined to become a dog training best seller."
Sophia Yin, DVM. Author of How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves

"So you're interested in clicker training your dog, but aren't sure how to begin? That's easy buy this book! Crammed full of the nitty-gritty steps you'll need to actually train your dog rather than just read about it, this thorough and practical guide is appropriate for beginners and pros alike. It's the next best thing to having your own personal training coach."
Kathy Sdao, Noted speaker and expert on canine behavior and training.

Mandy Book has been an instructor for more than 25 years. She began clicker training early in her dog training career after attending a seminar by Karen Pryor and Gary Wilkes in 1990. She owns three dogs and currently competes in agility, where she uses the precision and enthusiasm that clicker training offers to get the most from her dogs. She is the co-author of Right on Target.

Cheryl S. Smith has been a journalist focusing on dogs for more than 15 years. She was one of the first to report on clicker training, and has continued to study and write about the technique. All her dogs have been rescues, and clicker training has proven a most excellent tool for helping them past their individual problems. Cheryl is an award winning author of Dog Friendly Gardens, Visiting the Dog Park and co-author of Right on Target.

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