Reactive Dog Classes - On The Road To Reality DVD

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Ali Brown
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64 mins
Tanacacia Press

This DVD shows you how to structure and run reactive dog classes. It gives suggestions for prerequisite lessons and skills, as well as exercises to use in class, including examples of advanced, custom-made exercises for particular dogs’ challenges. 

Whether you are teaching a reactive class, a student in one, or working on your own, this DVD will show how to use positive reinforcement, shaping, and classical conditioning to help your dog learn to tolerate the world around him. There are no magic solutions to reactivity, but through working consistently in the manner in which you see here, a whole world of possibilities opens up, often possibilities unforeseen. Take this opportunity to change the way you perceive your dog’s reactivity. 

What you'll find on the DVD 

• Introduction to reactive classes and 16 exercises 
• Diagrams show the movement of the dog/handler teams 
• Most exercises done by real students in class environments 
• All the exercises are simple and easy to do 
• Each exercise is indexed on the disk 
• What to learn before you start 
• Exercises easily customized to individual dogs' needs 
• Help for your dog in dealing with everyday environments 
• Help with dog sport (agility, rally, etc.) environments 
• Over one hour of instruction 

What you WON'T find on the DVD 

• Complicated technical jargon 
• Exercises that create stressful or threatening situations 
• No charts, glossaries, power point slides

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