Real Dog Yoga

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canine obedience and animal trick training. This differs hugely to Doga
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Jo-Rosie Haffenden
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First Stone Publishing
In today's world we put huge demands on our canine partners, expecting them to fit in with our lifestyles, abandoning natural instincts when they are not convenient for us. Our dogs do remarkably well to keep up with these high expectations, but surely it is time to give them a clue as to what it is we want from them, and more importantly, to spend some time listening.

Inspired by her own badly abused rescue dog, Archie, Haffenden has developed a technique that calms and relaxes, improves focus and impulse control and promotes body consciousness. Using a mixtures of postures, movements and expressions, Haffenden shows us how to teach our dogs to be calm, relaxed individuals and prevent the escalation of behaviours borne from frustration.

This is an inspired and thought provoking new approach to training, and one that will hugely enrich the lives of both pet and so called problem' dogs, strengthening the all important bond between dog and owner.

Haffenden begins by describing Dog Yoga as a mix between the competitive equestrian sport dressage, canine obedience and animal trick training. This differs hugely to Doga, an unfortunate trend of people doing human yoga with their dogs. Real Dog Yoga is based on the idea, supported by research, that physical posturing and expressions can influence a dog's emotional state. It sets to train sequences of positive and calming postures, practiced in a sequence to promote good mental, physical and emotional health, as well as calmness. It consists of 30 postures, 15 expressions and 10 actions, training dogs in muscle control, body consciousness, focus of mind and impulse control.

What experts are saying about Real Dog Yoga:
The author creatively integrates force-free dog training with relaxation. This book helps you create a common language with your dog about body movements not for the sake of tricks you can show off but for the sake of the dog's own wellbeing. This beautifully illustrated gem helps you create a common bond with your dog.
Grisha Stewart, creator of BAT (Behaviour Adjustment Training)

Every section of this stunning publication resonated with me. It is utterly brilliant, thought provoking and so refreshing to read.
Sarah Fisher, TTouch instructor and behavior counselor