Really Real Relaxation: Creating authentic & connected relaxation with your dog- Streaming Video on Demand

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Suzanne Clothier
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1 hour
Flying Dog Press
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“Oh, why can’t you just relax!?” 

Sound familiar? Many dogs seem unable to just relax. But using the Really Real Relaxation protocol shown in this DVD, you can teach your dog to relax with a few simple steps. 

Really Real Relaxation (RRR) helps your dog learn to choose relaxation – for himself, while remaining connected to you. Developed by trainer Suzanne Clothier, RRR can be taught in as little as one session, and can be used anywhere you go with your dog. 

From backyards to park benches, in classes and cafes, in training schools and shelters, in competition settings and at country picnics, RRR has helped countless dogs around the world make the choice to really relax. 

Really Real Relaxation is: 
• Easy to teach any dog 
• Suitable for all dogs of all ages 
• Ideal for shelter & rescue dogs 
• A must-have addition to any class or private training 
• A critical life skill for excitable, worried or reactive dogs 

Whether you’re struggling with your own dog, or helping others with their dogs, Really Real Relaxation is a powerful addition for your training toolkit. Authentic relaxation in connection is possible!

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