Rescue Your Dog From Fear: Tried-and-True Techniques To Help Your Dog Feel Secure

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Peggy Swager
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Lyons Press
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When dealing with previously abused or naturally skittish dogs, it's easy to get frustrated. Often, all we want is to tell our beloved pets there is no need to be afraid. When Peggy Swager adopted two mill dogs from her local rescue center, all the books in the world couldn't help her ease her new pups. But what she was able to accomplish using her past experience training horses was astounding. This book brings to dog owners and dog trainers newer and proven ways to help resolve fear issues in their dogs, from being around people to aversion to being in a crate or traveling in a car. From explaining the root of his timid behavior, to handling aggression and adjusting your own tone of voice, you'll have all the information needed to make your companion feel safe and loved. Valuable for the average dog owner, rescue organizations, and dog trainers who have not had success with their fearful dogs.

Peggy Swager has trained dogs since the 1990s, and currently runs a dog consultation business helping dog owners resolve unwanted and difficult behaviors. She has written articles for Dog World, AKC Gazette, OffLead Magazines and many other magazines; two of her articles won in the DWAA contest. She has also produced a DVD on separation anxiety for dog owners. An experienced horse trainer, some years ago she applied this expertise to working with puppy mill dogs at a local shelter, to great results. She now has a dog consultation business in Monument, Colorado.