Separation Anxiety: A Weekend Technique Dvd

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Peggy Swager
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Hi-Caliber Books, LLC
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Broken up into 5 sections, this video provides help for dogs that exhibits distress and behavior problems when left alone.

Section 1 - Mistakes that Increase Separation Anxiety Dog owners learn common mistakes they make which contribute to separation anxiety.
Section 2 -The "I ll Be Back" Technique Learn how to resolve mild to moderate separation anxiety using the "I'll be Back" technique, which can be done in a weekend.
Section 3 - Dogs Who Need Extra Help Dogs suffering from fears and insecurity find help in the Troubleshooting Guide.
Section 4 - Desensitizing Your Leaving the House Learn two different techniques to diffuse departure triggers.
Section 5 - Separation Anxiety, a Case Study Included is an actual case study for severe separation anxiety showing new and innovative techniques.

In the early years, Peggy honed her skills by working with horses who had moderate to severe behavioral issues. She had three articles published in popular horse magazines which addressed how changes in training techniques could be valuable to horse behavior. She had the privilege of learning, first hand, from a horseman named Monte Foreman. Some of his concepts of working with a horse s natural movements to train specific behaviors in horses was revolutionary at the time. Now many horsemen have developed similar techniques which is incorporated in what is now called "Natural Horsemanship."

Peggy vastly reduced her work with animals for several years while raising a family. Then about twenty years ago, she once again ventured into the business by working with problematic dogs. Having gleaned valuable knowledge from Monte Foreman s discoveries, Peggy began to study different training techniques elements that made those techniques effective or ineffective. She continues those studies as well as continues consulting to resolve problematic behaviors in dogs.

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