Study Questions: Running Out Of Time - Introducing Behaviorology To Help Solve Global Problems

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Stephen F. Ledoux
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Study Questions for Running Out Of Time

Solving global problems with the natural science of human behavior
Behaviorology is the natural science of why human behavior happens. Like other natural scientists, behaviorologists investigate human behavior through experimental research, and apply their findings across every behavior related field from advertising to zoo keeping for humanity's benefit. Generally behaviorologists are PhD level scientists, engineers, and academics who have been actively involved in a discipline that has been known by other, older names including The Experimental Analysis of Behavior, and Applied Behavior Analysis, for more than 100 years. Unlike the discipline of Psychology, which adamantly resists meeting all the criteria for natural science status, Behaviorology welcomes meeting those criteria, and approaches creating change and fostering cooperation from a well-understood foundation of natural laws governing behavior.

Running Out of Time Introducing Behaviorology to Help Solve Global Problems is written for anyone concerned about human behavior in general, or the part it plays in solving local and global problems such as global warming, pollution, resource depletion, overpopulation and, dare we say it, human survival. For several decades, concerned people around the world, including traditional natural scientists such as physicists, chemists and biologists have worked to improve and expand solutions to serious and growing global problems. This has led them to point out that both problems and solutions to these issues involve a large component of human behavior. Scientists are now realizing that making significant changes to human behavior, at all levels of society, to help solve such problems, requires that the natural science of human behavior Behaviorology be understood and applied to make truly lasting improvements.

Understand the most crucial aspects of Behaviorology:
Its historical foundations.
Its principles, methods, concepts, and practices.
Its basic answers to some of humanity's long standing questions about topics as diverse, yet interrelated, as, values, rights, ethics, morals, language, consciousness, personhood, life, death and reality.
Its interconnections with other natural sciences, interconnections that both support our understanding of ordinary, everyday human behavior, and help solve global problems.

What professionals are saying about Stephen Ledoux's Running Out of Time Clearly the Great Work of understanding human behavior underlies most of the other Great Works of our time. What importance may be placed on our behavior, as a people, as we deal with climate change, the availability of fresh water, appropriate health care, or wars? Behaviorology, as a natural science, offers us hope and new approaches to understand current and historical questions about behavior. Dr. Ledoux's clear prose, illustrative examples, and poignant storytelling make this book's message accessible to many levels of readers as well as useful to those of us seeking new understanding and the opportunity to make a difference.
Dr. William Trumble, Ph.D. Biologist, Professor, University of New Hampshire

Behaviorology helps us succeed in endeavors from training a dog to sit on cue to getting humans to recycle and live sustainably. By familiarizing ourselves with this science, we are not only better able to engage in effective and efficient animal training projects, we are also in a position to help create a better world for both us and our animal friends. Running Out of Time helps us on both counts.
James O'Heare, author of Aggressive Behavior in Dogs and several other best selling books

Stephen Ledoux, Ph.D., is a Professor of Behaviorology at the State University of New York (SUNY) in Canton, NY who has been teaching and publishing in the field for 35 years. His previous books include The Panda and Monkey King Christmas A Family's Year in China (1997) and Origins and Components of Behaviorology Second Edition (2002). Stephen publishes and lectures nationally and internationally on the subject of understanding and applying Behaviorology to solving the human side of local and global problems. He lives in Canton, NY with his family and pets.