The Do No Harm Dog Training and Behavior Handbook: Featuring the Hierarchy of Dog Needs

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Linda Michaels
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Do No Harm Dog Training

Get the dog training results you’ve always wanted—combining love with the science of dog psychology

Find the roadmap to success in the easy-to-follow Do No Harm Dog Training and Behavior Handbook. Foreword by Marc Bekoff, PhD, co-founder with Jane Goodall of the Ethologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and author of 31 books

Are you tired of spending countless hours poring over articles, books, and other training resources searching for the key to the relationship you dream of with your dog? The Do No Harm Dog Training and Behavior Handbook provides force-free, practical solutions to common and complex behavior problems for both dog trainers and pet parents. This comprehensive guide is a transformational problem solving gift to pet parents for the heartbeats at our feet. It is also designed for professional presentations, teaching basic manners classes, and includes private behavioral consultation Treatment Plans with citations and a detailed index to make finding topics easy. Learn how to prevent behavior problems before they escalate.

Renowned dog psychologist and trailblazer in positive dog training, Linda Michaels, a Top Ten Magazine best dog trainer illustrates the most effective, ethical methods endorsed by the greatest minds in dog training and behavior. This meticulously researched handbook tackles the simplest and the most challenging issues including

• Nutrition — Unravel the mysteries of dog nutrition
• Veterinary and grooming visits — Help your puppy or rescue dog feel safe from the very first visit
• Aggression — Learn to identify red flags, including formulas for human and dog-dog aggression, sibling rivalry, and resource guarding treatments
• Separation anxiety — Create a Doggy Enrichment Land and follow the step-by-step treatment plan for desensitization and counter-conditioning
• Trainer secrets, good manners, and basic skills — Discover effective solutions for calm greetings, puppy “no bite”, “no jump”, lightening recall, and leash-walking

The Do No Harm Dog Training and Behavior Handbook is a definitive “must have” for dog lovers and seasoned trainers alike—a classic treasure belonging on the top shelf of every library.

What the experts are saying about The Do No Harm Dog Training and Behavior Manual

“This is how our dogs would choose to interact with us, and what most dog lovers would choose to practice ... if they only knew how.”
— Marc Bekoff, PhD, professor emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Fellow of the Animal Behavior Society, former Guggenheim Fellow

“... the single most important modern guide to ensuring that every aspect of our dogs' lives is the best it can be.”
— Lisa Tenzin-Dolma, founder of The International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour Ltd.

Linda Michaels, MA, Psychology, creator of the bold, internationally acclaimed Hierarchy of Dog Needs holds a master’s degree in Experimental Psychology, conducted laboratory research in behavioral neurobiology, and has many years of shelter experience working with the most difficult behavioral cases. Her unique combination of academic excellence and hands-on skills with dogs, wolfdogs, and the famed Belyaev foxes, creates a bridge between the worlds of research, dog trainers and pet parents. Linda focuses on the psychological aspects of dog behavior that often mirror human conditions—without using dominance methods or shock collars that often worsen behavior problems—closing the door on the perceived need and advisability of using punitive methods. Find her in international trade magazines and as a featured expert in Psychology Today online, Newsweek online, Huffington Post Live, and Wolf Dog Radio.

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    Dog training

    Posted by Serrano Lisa on 15th Sep 2022

    Repetitive and actually no a practical book great theory