The Dog In Action

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McDowell Lyon
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Study the Dog From the Inside-Out!
Written in 1950, The Dog in Action was the first book to thoroughly analyze, illustrate and explain the under-the-skin workings of the dog. Whether looking at a Pom or Pointer, McDowell Lyon showed the dog breeder, fancier and judge that the principles of movement applied to all. The modern dog fancier now can own this Classic in dog literature.

The modern dog breeder, judge and fancier will learn:
To put functional soundness above everything else.
Why the trot shows the faults and virtues of a dog's running gear.
That every animal that moves can teach us about functional conformation.
Why a dog must be dynamically balanced to function efficiently.
That no dog can be any better then his bone placement, conformation and muscle tone.
How to develop a thorough knowledge of dogs in order to interpret a breed standard.

Today's experts recommend The Dog In Action
The Dog in Action is the finest technical book on dog movement ever written! With each reading you learn something new and profound. The more dog-knowledge you have, the more you will glean from the material.
George G. Alston of George Alston Handling Seminars and author of Winning Edge, Show Ring Secrets.

The wondrous thing about McDowell Lyon's book on The Dog in Action is that, although the subject is technical, it reads like a well-written mystery novel. (It) has something to say to each successive generation of dog fanciers and will forever remain the traditional introduction to the study of the moving dog.
Robert W. Cole, author of Basenji Stacked and Moving, You Be the Judge and illustrator of Dog Locomotion and Gait Analysis.

Author, McDowell Lyon, had an artist's eye and an engineer's mind. Growing up around horses and hunting and working dogs developed his skill to evaluate movement and structure. Lyon had a colorful life ranging from WW1 fighter pilot to writer for the Hearst Newspapers covering the Mexican Revolution to dog editor for Outdoor Life magazine. The Dog in Action is his legacy to the world of dogs.

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