Video on Demand - A Study Of Bone and Joint Motion As Seen Through Moving X-Rays

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Rachel Page Elliott
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45 Min.
Dogwise Publishing
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Canine Cineradiography: A Study of Bone and Joint Motion as Seen through Moving X-Rays - Rachel Page Elliot from on Vimeo.

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Slow motion study of canine bone and joint movement, as seen through moving x-rays, offers a close look at skeletal action inside the dog. Dogs were individually filmed and fluoroscoped while moving on a speed-controlled treadmill in a laboratory. This video supplements Dogsteps video with additional material; it was filmed during the same time period, but has recently been re-mastered.

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"Canine Cineradiography: A Study of Bone and Joint Motion as Seen through Moving X-Rays further supplement the Dogsteps book and video with an extensive examination of canine bone and joint movement, featuring individually selected, filmed, and fluoroscoped dogs moving on a speed-controlled treadmill in a specially designed laboratory. Plain text captions and graphic effects further enhance the explanation of a veterinarian as to how variances in canine structure help or hinder performance." James A. Cox

“The moving X-Rays in this video show precisely what the bones and joints are doing when a dog is in motion. Using a specifically designed treadmill in a laboratory, different dogs with both food and faulty movement were fluoroscoped and filmed to illustrate how their variances in structure affected their movement. Views from the side as well as from beneath reveal clearly the skeletal action. Captions and graphic effects clarify the visuals as a veterinarian explains what is happening on the screen, and how the variations seen in each dog will influence his performance and soundness. This video supplements the Dogsteps video with additional material.” Stephanie Horan

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