Dog Vinci Code - Unlock The Secrets To Training Your Dog

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John Rogerson
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John Blake

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For all of you fans of John Rogerson, your long wait is over - he's back! Within the covers, he breaks the canine code of communication with the latest information in a way that only John Rogerson can.

In the world of cell phones and email, where communication is available at the touch of a button, are we leaving man's best friend in the dog house? The modern dog has more frustration, is more sheltered, and has less freedom than his ancestor. It is becoming alarmingly clear that we are in danger of losing our ability to understand and communicate with our canine friends at the most basic level. If you want to know what makes your dog tick, why he acts the way he does, how to change the way he behaves, or how to truly communicate with and train him, then this guide will help. This book is about learning how to communicate with your dog on an emotional level, which will in turn give him the ability to understand everyone in your family. By understanding "the code," you will gain more control over your dog and then be able to offer him more freedom and less frustration than ever before, making for a more contented companion.

John Rogerson is a leading dog trainer and behaviorist who pioneered many of the techniques that are now standard practice in behavior therapy and training. He has run courses on training and behavior for organizations such as the U.S. Air Force Dog Section, The Blue Cross, Illinois State University, Washington State Vet School, and Miami Fire Department Search and Rescue Team.