Ebook: Starve Cancer - Feed Your Dog!: A Nutrition Regimen for the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer in Dogs

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Jo Cowden PhD, Connie McMillan DVM
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Dogwise Publishing
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In this important book, the authors present a nutritional regimen that helps dogs diagnosed with cancer maintain their body weight while at the same time denying the cancer what it needs to grow. Perhaps the scariest impact of cancer is seeing your dog's lean body mass waste away, causing them to rapidly lose strength. The recommendations in this book are not going to cure them, but it improves their quality of life and extends life expectancy.

From the Foreword by Sarah Lyles, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology)
Nutrition is a sensitive and sometimes controversial subject in veterinary medicine. As an oncologist, I want to make recommendations based on published data and science, of which there is little in the field of nutrition for veterinary oncology. There are so many ways to “feed the body,” to maintain health, decrease inflammation, and naturally promote healing for several conditions. For some chronic diseases, such as chronic kidney disease, nutrition is the main source of therapy! Unfortunately, for cancer, there is less data. Cancer is also diverse, with highly variable outcomes depending on cancer type and treatment modality chosen. With few publications showing proven benefits, I often feel I cannot make strong recommendations about dietary therapy for my cancer patients. It would be nice if more were known. However, Drs. Cowden and McMillan have compiled a comprehensive book of what is known. They have reviewed books and peer-reviewed articles on cancer nutrition in pets, to create a how-to guide and provide information all in one place. They did this for you, having been in your shoes. No more scouring the internet, uncertain if the recommendations are trustworthy, and feeling overwhelmed by conflicting opinions. Think of this book as a resource, providing you with everything you need to know about complete nutrition for your dog with cancer.

Dr. Jo Cowden, a retired professor at the University of New Orleans, lives in River Ridge, Louisiana, with her rescue Siberian Husky, Luna Blue.

Dr. Connie McMillan is a practicing vet and lives with her three dogs in Harahan, Louisiana