When Your Dog Has Cancer - Making The Right Decisions for You and Your Dog

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Lola Ball
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Dogwise Publishing
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Facing your dog's cancer together with open eyes
While some dogs diagnosed with cancer can be treated successfully and survive for years, a diagnosis of cancer for your dog often means the time you have left together is limited. In this important new book, author Lola Ball provides answers to the question of what you the owner can do and what your alternatives are if your dog is struck by cancer. The most important first steps are to arm yourself with knowledge about the different types of cancers, medicines, treatment alternatives and prognoses. But what if treatments do not succeed? What are your options then? This is the point at which most owners are left alone not knowing what to do. Based on her two experiences with cancer in her own dogs, Lola explores the range of choices you do have and strategies you can employ to make the best of the time you have remaining with your dog.

You will learn:
Many of the concepts and techniques employed in human hospice and palliative care can be applied successfully to dogs with cancer.
The power of continuing to interact with your dog walks, petting, grooming, massage for as long as the dog is physically able to enjoy it.
What can be done in terms of nutrition and other forms of natural care to make your dog as strong and comfortable as he can be given the situation.
How natural death can be an alternative to euthanasia in some cases.
How other owners facing the same issues have dealt with cancer in their dogs.

What experts are saying about When Your Dog Has Cancer
Lola Ball has created a much needed, thorough, clearly written, informative and compassionate book. Any dog owner who is living this nightmare or wants to learn more about cancer in dogs will find this to be an invaluable resource. Lola provides vast information without being judgmental, reminding me that what is best for one dog is not necessarily best for my dog. The real-life experiences in the book touched me deeply.
Enid Traisman, Director, Pet Loss Support, Dove-Lewis Hospital

This book is a practical guide with the potential to empower families during the period of grief that typically follows a devastating cancer diagnosis in their animal friend. I will recommend Lola's book to families and professionals across the country seeking scientifically-based knowledge and emotional support in hospice care giving.
Michelle Nichols, Director and Founder of AHELPProject.org

Think how wonderful it would be if there were more people like Lola Ball who love their terminally ill pets enough to allow them to live out their days in a loving home environment.
Mary Calanni, Founder of the Big Mountain Wildlife and Animal Sanctuary

Every dog owner should read this book when their dog is diagnosed with cancer. It is well researched, to the point and easy to read. It will not only make decision making easier in a stressful time, but also make the life of their next dog even better. Porter was a great patient and Lola has effectively used the lessons he taught to help other loving dog owners deal with the reality that dogs lives are short and we must let them go with insight and dignity.
James Friedly, DVM Natural Healthcare Center for Animals (NHCA)

Author Lola Ball learned the hard way about canine cancer, experiencing it with two beloved dogs, Porter and Jasper. When Porter was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Lola learned by doing her own research how to employ hospice care to provide him as high a quality of life as possible in the time they had left together. She is now devoting herself to helping others whose dogs are struck by cancer based on her experiences and further research. Lola lives in Redmond, Washington.

What reviewers are saying...

If your dog is ever struck by cancer, know that there are ways to improve his quality of life, even when conventional treatments seem to be failing. In When Your Dog Has Cancer, author Lola Ball shares her experiences with cancer in two of her own dogs, and what she did to make the remainder of their lives as happy and healthy as possible. Lola looks at a range of alternative therapies, including hospice and palliative care, natural nutrition, cancer-fighting herbs, and supplements, and the importance of daily interaction in the form of walks, grooming, and massage. She also takes you through the natural dying process and shares tips on how other dogs guardians dealt with cancer in their own companion. Whether or not your dog has this feared disease, this book is a useful and consoling guide to have on hand.