Ebook: The Art Of Introducing Dogs: A Guide for Conducting Dog-To-Dog Introductions

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Louise Ginman
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Balboa Press
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The Art of Introducing Dogs-A guide for conducting dog to dog introductions.

People add a new dog or puppy to their household often without any planning taking place or consideration of how that new dog or puppy will affect the dynamics of the current family and resident dog/s. The Art of Introducing Dogs looks at a whole range of important considerations before you add a new dog or puppy such as:

The sex or age of the newcomer
Determining play styles of the dogs
Looking at socialization histories
Established preferences of your dog

The book also looks at how you can assess the new dog or puppy before getting your heart set on it, as well carrying out introductions - whether on or off lead, using neutral territories, crossover of scent, parallel walking, dog passing dog and curving techniques. There is also detailed information on moving from the introduction to living together at home.

An indispensable resource for anyone wanting to perform dog to dog introductions.

What experts are saying about The Art of Introducing Dogs:
For anyone considering getting another dog, The Art of Introducing Dogs is a must have purchase. The book is extremely thorough covering all aspects of second dog ownership from assessing different play styles and levels of socialization to step by step practical introductions expressed in a simple, easy to read style
Karin Bridge Cert IV CGC instructor Get Smart Dog Training

Louise Ginman has created an invaluable resource for dog-lovers looking to add another member to their canine family. Proper selection and introduction of new family members can go a long way toward ultimate peace in the pack. Be sure you read this book before you adopt, to maximize your new-dog success
Pat Miller CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, CDBC, Peaceable Paws